High-performance doors

High-speed, high-performance doors excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions. They can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in applications with frequent openings and closings including manufacturing, cold storage and cleanrooms.

High-performance doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

A high performance door protects your environment from drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. Due to its fast operation, it also improves comfort for your employees and saves energy.

We offer doors for a wide range of operations, both interior and exterior, including environments with special requirements for hygiene, sealing and handling of frozen food.

High-performance interior doors are ideal for frequent opening while separating critical interior areas, helping you to control environments and improve operations. Machine-protection doors, cold storage and freezer doors, food processing doors and material-handling doors reduce the transmission of dust, noise, heat or cold, and regulate access from one area to another. 

Exterior high-speed doors combine rapid operation with tight sealing and high durability. They ensure a smooth flow of goods and persons, ease access controls and lead to savings in energy costs in a wide variety of applications that require frequent openings. Heavy industry doors and emergency exit doors provide specialized high-performance solutions for your premises.

Contact ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to discuss how a high-performance door can improve the efficiency, safety and hygiene of the internal and external entrances in your premises which open and close frequently.


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